2023 Grainger Symposium

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New Media and Old Archives: Exploring Twentieth-Century Music, Media and Technology

Join the University of Melbourne’s Grainger Museum for a symposium exploring music history, composition, and performance in the context of innovation, exploration and engagement with new media and new technologies.

Hear an international panel of academics and researchers respond to historical and contemporary ideas of music, new media and the archive. Topics range from historical considerations of the genres and technologies dominant during the lifetime of Percy Grainger (1882–1961) to current digital media responses to music research and material in music museums and archives.


  • FREE
  • Registrations essential
  • This is a hybrid program - you may choose to attend in person or online via video link



Session 1: Engaging with the Archive Today

9:00am: Filipa Magalhães (Universidade NOVA de Lisboa) – Gulbenkian Contemporary Music Meetings (1977-2002): Reflections on Archival Practices and the Benefits of Interdisciplinarity for the Treatment of the Documentation
9:30am: Jörg Holzmann (Hochschule der Künste, Bern) & Christoph Siems (Grieg Begegnungsstätte, Leipzig) – The Piano Roll as Soloist – Grieg’s Piano Concerto and Early Recordings Informed Performance Practice
10:00am: Monica Lim (University of Melbourne) – Music, Technology and Living Archives at the Grainger Museum.

BREAK 10:30 – 11am

Session 2: Percy Grainger and Musical Experimentation
11:00am: Paul Jackson (Independent) – Lines of Beauty: The Development of Graphic Notation in the Music of Percy Grainger
11:30am: Teresa R. Balough (Eastern Connecticut State University) – The Wider Implications of Percy Grainger’s ‘Free Music’
12:00pm: Katherine Pittman (University of California San Diego) – Hearing Queer Hybridity in Percy Grainger’s Experimental Instruments

BREAK 12:30pm – 2:00pm

Session 3: New Technology and New Media
2:00pm: John Gabriel (University of Melbourne) – New Audiences, New Challenges: Radio Music Theatre in Weimar Republic Germany
2:30pm: Maurice Windleburn (University of Melbourne) – Indexicality and Disjuncture in the Creative Use of Cards and Paper Slips
3:00pm: Michael Christoforidis (University of Melbourne) – Igor Stravinsky’s Étude (1917) and Composing for Pianola

BREAK 3:30pm – 4:00pm

Session 4: Radio and Recording
4:00pm: Jean-Baptiste Masson (Université Rennes-2) – The sound art of amateur sound hobbyists in the 1950s and 1960s, in France and Britain
4:30pm: Martin Elek (University of Cambridge) – Wilhelm Furtwangler and Sound Recording
5:00pm: Pedro Moreira (Universidade de Évora) – Portuguese National Radio, ethnographers, and the documentation of traditional Music during the 1940s
5:30pm: Michelle Ziegler (ETH Zürich) – Recording Realities: Edgard Varèse as a tape and film music composer

Read full speaker bios and abstracts HERE