Collection Areas

Discover the diversity of the Grainger Museum Collection which spans musical instruments, scores and concert programs along with an extensive collection of objects reflecting Percy Grainger’s career and personal interests and social sphere. The Museum supports research into its collection by making the collection, in its majority, discoverable online and on campus, through appointments to view requested materials. Learn more about collections areas below and explore a gallery of collection highlights.

Discover the following object types in the Grainger Museum's eclectic collection.

  • Music manuscripts and published scores
  • Musical instruments and accessories
  • Sound archive
  • Photographs
  • Artworks
  • Costumes and personal accessories
  • Decorative arts, furniture and design
  • Ethnographic collection
  • 'Lust Branch' collection
  • Percy Grainger's personal library

The artefacts Percy Grainger deposited in the Grainger Museum Collection tell the stories of an unashamedly eccentric individual who recognised that future generations were likely to re-interpret the collections with a new lens.   Actively responding to the imperatives of the present, the Grainger Museum is now a place of transformative learning and creativity, drawing on this diverse collection of objects to facilitate object-based learning.


  • Percy Graingers Archive
    • Cowell, Henry
    • Cross, Burnett
    • Delius, Frederick
    • Falconer, Winifred
    • Fischer, Carlo
    • Gardiner, Balfour
    • Grainger, Ella (nee Ström)
    • Grainger Family
    • Grainger, John Harry
    • Grainger, Percy Aldridge
    • Grant, Martin
    • Grieg, Edvard
    • Grieg, Nina
    • Harris, Frederick Leverton
    • Healy, Gertrude
    • Heymann, Edith
    • Kinscella, Hazel
    • Kristensen, Evald Tang
    • Library of Congress
    • Holten, Karen
    • Melba, Nellie
    • Morse, Frederick
    • Parker, Katharine "Kitty" (nee Eisdell)
    • Quilter, Roger
    • Rasmussen Family
    • Sandby, Alfhild
    • Sandby, Neils Frederik
    • Sandby, Herman and Alfhild
    • Scott, Cyril
    • Seitz, Harry
    • Sisley, Thomas and Barbara
    • Tjader, Marguerite
    • Todhunter, Mabel "Medidny" (nee Gardner)
    • Vulliamy, Constance
  • Museum Music Collection

      Archives of Australian Composers

    • Prof. G.W.L. Marshall-Hall
    • Elsa Marshall-Hall (Elsa Inman)
    • Ian Bonighton
    • Mary (May) Brahe
    • Florence M. Donaldson Ewart
    • Mona McBurney
    • Henry Tate
    • Leon Caron

    • Collections relating to Australian Musical Culture

    • A. E. H. Nickson
    • Noel Nickson
    • Alberto Zelman
    • Zelman Memorial Symphony Orchestra
    • Horace Stevens
    • Royal Victorian Liedertafel Collection
    • Shirley Schneider
    • Melbourne Orchestral Programs
    • Kogan Collection
    • Professor Laver
    • Matilda Kirke
    • Dorian Le Gallienne

Search the Grainger Collection/Catalogue

Researchers can search the Grainger Museum collection, including correspondence, photographs, manuscripts and objects, through a number of methods. Researchers should search the appropriate catalogue depending on the item type they are looking for.  Grainger’s personally library and our reference collection can be found through the University Library catalogue.