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Music by Percy Aldridge Grainger: Volumes 1 & 2

Dr Kay Dreyfus

In July 1974, Dr. Kay Dreyfus commenced an intensive programme of sorting, listing and indexing Grainger's compositions and arrangements. With generous financial support from the Music Board, Australia Council, and the University of Melbourne, the first volume was published in 1976 and continues to be an essential tool for those involved in Grainger research and scholarship.

The second volume is a supplementary index and accounts for the substantial material donated by the Library of Congress, other institutions and individuals since 1980. It also includes a comprehensive cross-referenced index by title and (in the case of arrangements) by composer covering both volumes.

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Grainger's Collection of Music by Other Composers

Phil Clifford

An insight into Grainger's personal collection of piano, orchestral, vocal, choral and band music by his contemporaries.  Although many copies are complimentary review copies sent to Grainger by music publishers, there are other, quite rare items to be found.

Clifford notes that Grainger regarded his collection of music by other composers to be one of the most significant collections in the Grainger Museum. It is, as he himself has written of the whole Museum, the product of one man's taste and criticism - his own - and is limited accordingly. Nonetheless, by virtue of the composers represented, it provides a fascinating field of study not merely of the creative achievements of a particular group of composers, as Grainger intended, but also of the changing character of music making and changes in private and public taste.

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G.W.L. Marshall-Hall: A biography and catalogue

Thérèse Radic (Marshall-Hall Trust, 2002).

The Marshall-Hall collection in the Grainger Museum contains manuscripts, published music, published literary works, news clippings and articles, scrapbooks, correspondence, photographs and artworks. The range of disciplines represented in this collection demonstrates Grainger's notion that his Museum should shed light on the 'process of creative genius', not just the fruits of that genius.

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