Visitor Profile September 2017

Sania Batool has recently commenced volunteering with the Grainger Museum.

Was this your first time visiting the Grainger Museum?

I had heard about it from friends, but never got the chance to visit the museum before.

Why did you want to volunteer at the Grainger Museum?

I have always been fascinated by art and music. The way they both communicate with people beyond the boundaries of age, time and space. The main reason to volunteer at the Grainger Museum was to understand how Percy himself saw and experienced the world around him through art and music.

What has been most interesting about your time thus far at the Grainger Museum?

Exploring the collections at the Museum has been really rewarding. Moreover, engaging with the visitors can be greatly fulfilling, especially when discovering which aspect of the Percy’s life interests them the most.

Were you surprised by any aspects of volunteering at the Grainger Museum?

It just amazed me how many people are actively involved in the Grainger Museum. In fact, I was glad to find out that volunteers can even spend time in the Readings Room, accessing the Grainger collection, and experiencing further all that Percy had to offer.

Do you have a favourite object that is currently on display at the Grainger Museum?

My favourite piece in the current exhibition, “Grainger Photographed: Public Facades and Intimate Spaces”, is the silver gelatine print of Percy by Mary Dale Clarke (below). The intensity of his gaze is so emotionally fierce that when I look at his face I feel like it’s a bridge to his soul.

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