Sound artistry in 'Synthesizers' exhibition

Exhibition Synthesizers: Sound of the Future opens on 20th April

Grainger Museum staff are in the final stages of preparation for the opening of the new temporary exhibition, Synthesizers: Sound of the Future. The exhibition will be formally opened by sound artist David Chesworth, and the evening features a live performance by the duo OK EG (Lauren Squire and Matthew Wilson), who will also be performing at a public program associated with the exhibition later in the year, with David Chesworth.

David Chesworth’s work is a highlight of the exhibition display, including a number of videos he made late 1970s-1980 on analogue synthesizers with video synthesis. Chesworth created the LP album ‘50 Synthesizer Greats’ in late 1978 in his parents’ lounge room, on an Akai 4000 DS reel to reel tape machine, using a monophonic Mini Korg 700 synthesizer. Coinciding with the re-release of the album by Chapter Music, Melbourne, in 2017, Chesworth has added post-production effects to these videos, combining audio and video synthesizer works in a new montage. The video was created on the EMS Spectre Synthesizer which features in this exhibition, generously loaned by Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio (MESS)

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