Research Residency: Dr David Sequiera

Visual artist, curator and Director, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Dr David Sequiera began his creative research residency in July at the Grainger Museum, ‘waking up’ the museum from over a year since shutting its doors in March 2020.

Dr David Sequiera at the Grainger Museum, August 2021.Dr Sequiera’s residency involves a series new creative works, as well as an interpretation of the collection involving three discrete exhibition elements – Music Colour Geometry, 1938 and 50 Shades of Grainger. In addition to these public-facing outputs, the Residency also involves an intense program of student engagement throughout semester two, with students from the Faculties of Fine Arts and Music (including the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music), Arts, and Architecture, Building and Planning integrating curriculum learning from Dr Sequiera across a range of academic modalities and disciplines.

In February 2022, the Residency will have several public programs as well as an opportunity for the public to experience the exhibitions during a two-week ‘pop-up’ phase within the museum itself.