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Delve into the Grainger Museum's collection of over 100,000 items.

The Grainger Museum is the public face of an internationally significant archive and material culture collection numbering in excess of 100,000 items. 

Percy Grainger developed a highly eclectic collection, motivated by the desire to interpret and contextualise his creative achievements and cultural environment. Selected items are on display and the majority of the collection is available for research by prior arrangement.

Collection highlights

Grainger with Reed Box Tone Tool


The Grainger Museum collection includes a wide range of musical recordings, from the folk songs Grainger collected on wax cylinders to his Free Music experiments, recorded at home on reel-to-reel tapes with his collaborator, physicist Burnett Cross.

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First gliding chords on the reed box tone tool

Free Music experiment recorded on 30 September 1951 with introduction by Percy Grainger (incorrectly attributed to Burnett Cross).

Burnett Cross talk at Grainger Museum

Burnett Cross talking to Museum visitors about the Reed Box Tone Tool and Grainger’s Free Music experiments, c 1982.

Kangaroo Pouch Tone Tool experiment

Free Music experiment using the Kangaroo Pouch Tone Tool, creating test patterns with three oscillators. Burnett Cross can be heard part way through the recording. c1952.