Sunny Kim

Agony in Lines by Sunny Kim
Photography: Sung Hyun Sohn

World-premiere performance of Sunny Kim’s new vocal works joined by collaborators + the University of Melbourne Jazz and Improvisation students


Agony in Lines reimagines the Grainger Museum as a sanctuary of reconnection. Part installation, part performance, part communal artmaking, this exhibition invites the surrounding communities to the Grainger Museum – an iconic yet somewhat prohibitive space - to engage in connecting with self and others through the practice of radical listening.

Facilitated by the composer, improviser, and vocalist Sunny Kim and her collaborators – Katie Stackhouse (sculpture), Sung Hyun Sohn (photography), Kyungwon Kim (motion graphics), Janette Hoe (dance), and Pat Telfer (sound design) - visitors are invited to participate in the multifaceted and embodied exploration of the dichotomy of a traumatic experience as a cause of isolation as well as a catalyst for post-traumatic growth and reconnections.

As installed and performed sounds, movements, images, and objects uncover Percy Grainger’s traumatic life stories, the Grainger Museum transforms itself into a safe ground for the communal sharing of agony to open the possibility of a deeper belonging.

Visitors will also be able to experience the exhibited multidisciplinary works of Sunny Kim’s collaborators, Katie Stackhouse, Sung Hyun Sohn, and Kyungwon Kim before and after the performance.

University of Melbourne Jazz and Improvisation Vocal Ensemble:
Yasmin Naval-Thomas, Bridget Allan, Francesca Fimeri, Oscar Phipps, Hamish Thompson, Louie Marshall, Clyde Saniga, Dominic Scott, Billie Raffety, Anja Duiker, Ava McDermott, Rory Newman-Foote, Anthony Probyn