Grainger Museum Research Room

The Grainger Museum Research Room is an invigilated space where researchers can view material from the Grainger Museum collections.

Finding the Research Room

The Research Room is located in the Grainger Museum on the University's Parkville Campus.

When you arrive

  • Please ring the bell and a staff member will provide you with access to the Research Room
  • Please do not  bring food or drink into the Research Room, this includes water
  • Place coats and bags in clear sight of staff

Handling Tips

Individual researchers may use up to three volumes, one archival box, or one 3D object at a time.  Researchers working in groups many use one item at a time together. Collection material must be used in the Research Room and should not to be removed from the room. When using material please follow the guidelines below.

  • Ensure your hands are clean, dry and free from lotions, hand sanitiser and moisturisers
  • Ensure an adequate flat surface and ample area is available to place the items securely on the table and never attempt to flatten out pages for viewing or photography
  • Pencils and personal laptops and tablets can be used in the Research Room, please do not underline, highlight or mark collection material in any way
  • You are free to take photos with your own device but please avoid flash as the materials can be light sensitive
  • If you need to flag a page, paper slips can be provided by staff
  • Many items in the collection are fragile, please take care when handling them. If you are unsure please seek advice from staff
  • Take care not to lean on material. Pillows and weights are available to help support the fragile spines and covers of volumes in the collection and safely keep pages open
  • When accessing archival files, please ensure that you maintain the original order of the files and their contents

Making Copies of Material

Researchers are encouraged to use their own portable devices such as phones, cameras and tablets to take images of collection material for reference purposes.  Please note:

  • Flash photography is not permitted in the Research Room
  • Material is subject to copyright law and it is your responsibility to ensure you comply
  • The Research Room does not provide a copying service and staff are unable to make copies on your behalf