Intern Profile June 2019

Through her Masters of Arts & Cultural Management, Jenna sought out an internship at the Grainger Museum to complement her studies in the areas of Museum publicity and marketing.

Hi Jenna, how did you become involved with the Grainger Museum?

I am interning at the Grainger Museum through The University of Melbourne's Museums and Collections Projects Program. This program provides opportunities for students (and others) to engage with the numerous museums and galleries around campus.

Commencing my Masters of Arts and Cultural Management at the University at the start of this year, I successfully applied for the Grainger's Engaging Exhibition Audiences Internship as I have an interest in audience engagement within a public programming context. This opportunity has given me an in-depth understanding of the marketing and event management work that goes into creating a successful exhibition, in this instance for How it plays: Innovations in percussion.

What has been your most enjoyable aspect about the work you have done thus far through your internship?

The most enjoyable aspect of my work thus far has been creating an engaging narrative, and subsequent marketing content, that entices audiences to participate in the Grainger's many wonderful public program events. This has been particularly rewarding as it has uncovered the community's affinity, though granted for various reasons, toward Percy Grainger and his work.

Where do you hope this internship will lead you to? Do you have a clear idea of the work you would like to do after you have graduated?

This internship has consolidated and developed my audience engagement strategies, a skill I believe is vital for any member working in an arts organisation. I look to team this with other skills I am developing through my degree, such as philanthropy, as well as my experience in event management and performance. I hope this will open doors to a fruitful career in public programming with a view to be in a key leadership position delivering performing arts festivals.

Finally, do you have a favourite object current on display within the Grainger Museum?

Though I've much respect for and curiosity toward Percy Grainger and his world wind career, I am excited by the possibilities the interactive instruments of the How it plays: Innovations in percussion exhibition bring to the Grainger in terms of public programming.

These percussive instruments are intriguing and it is hard to resist trying to play them and explore what is normally an inaccessible instrument for the majority. As such, they inspire a multitude of interactive events that will encourage people to engage not only with the exhibition but the museum at large.

Thank you Jenna for taking the time to answer our questions. We wish you all the very best with your future studies.