Percy Grainger, The Accidental Futurist Floortalk

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Grainger Museum
Gate 13, Royal Parade


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Grainger Museum

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Get to know Percy Grainger this Rare Book Week through his eclectic collection of rare and historic books, as exhibition curator Brian Allison takes you through the temporary exhibition The Accidental Futurist.  Composer, designer and social commentator, Percy Grainger was a cultural maverick, ahead of his time in both his approach to music and to his interactions with society. He also acquired a large library, which illustrates his enormous diversity of interests, many unusual for his period.

After the talk, take time to peruse the temporary exhibition to learn more about the ideas that made Grainger an outsider in his age: a vegetarian and extreme fitness junkie, designer of multi-coloured costumes and supporter of 'sexual outsiders', it's no wonder that it took so long for the rest of the world to begin to get a handle on the composer. Click here to find out more.

In addition to the Grainger Museum events, Special Collections at the University of Melbourne will be hosting a number of talks and exhibitions. A full program of Rare Book Week events is available on the Rare Book Week website.

This tour is now at capacity and not accepting any further bookings.