Music Performance: Invisible Realities

Man standing a room full of music stand with sheet music littered with large black squares, with yellow overlay over photograph
Invisible Realities music performance

Grainger Museum Gate 13, Royal Parade Parkville

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David Sequeira (composer) Patrick Telfer (conductor) and Ensemble

Invisible Realities are the ways in which we experience our experiences.

Staged especially for #brownmaninawhitemuseum, INVISIBLE REALITIES, part concert, part performance art, part meditation, immerses audiences into a world of classical jazz lounge metaphysics. In addition to a small fragment of music notation, David provided the musicians with detailed instructions of not only what to play, but how to listen and how to be throughout the performance. A catalyst for sensory magic, INVISIBLE REALITIES invites players to create their own sounds in ethereal spine-tingling layers that respond to its structurally simple but thematically rich score.

Tickets are free.

In 2021 Museums and Collections invited artist and curator Dr David Sequeira to be the University’s inaugural Creative Researcher in Residence at the Grainger. The building was emptied of its contents and David was given access to Grainger’s collection of manuscripts, musical instruments and personal effects.

#brownmaninawhitemuseum is a suite of new installations, curatorial interventions, talks and performance resulting from this residency.

Due to issues associated with the sexually explicit nature of some of this material, viewing is by Public Programs and restricted to ages 18+