Living Instruments at Melbourne Knowledge Week

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Melbourne Connect Hub: the studio
Corner Grattan and Swanston Streets,
Carlton, VIC, 3053

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How might digital instrument collections influence the future of music and sound-making?

The Grainger Museum is transforming historically rare and unique instruments into interactive and playable virtual instruments. The Living Instruments project – a collaboration with the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Fine Arts and Music and Melbourne eResearch Group, School of Computing & Information Systems – involves mapping real instruments (by sampling their sound) to new tactile digital interfaces that anyone can use.

During this official launch of the Living Instruments digital platform, learn about the preservation practices and cultural value of the Grainger Museum’s remarkable musical instrument collection. Experts who have contributed to the project will share insights about playing, composing and curating the instruments, through to research and software development.

After the discussion, discover and interact with the playable virtual instruments first-hand.