Dürer Drawing Day

Grainger Museum
Gate 13, Royal Parade


More Information

Kerrianne Stone


T: 0383449998

Presented by the Print Collection and the Grainger Museum.

This special event will recreate Albrecht Dürer’s drawing apparatus, and explain his Renaissance era theory of drawing and geometry. Included in Dürer’s treatise on art and mathematics is the image Draftsman drawing a lute (1525) showing the use of projection to draw a three-dimensional object and transfer it onto a two-dimensional surface. Using Dürer’s methods, participants will have the opportunity draw any object on display in the Grainger Museum. At 12:00pm there will be a short presentation and the chance to view masterful prints by Dürer from the University’s Print Collection. After 12:30pm visitors are welcome to guide their own drawing experience in the Museum. Information handouts and limited drawing materials will be provided.

The Dürer drawing day runs from 12:00 noon until 4:00pm at the Grainger Museum.

Bookings for the 12:00 noon session are required