How it plays: innovations in percussion

Enjoy a sneak peak into our upcoming exhibition How it plays: innovations in percussion.

Detail, Percy Aldridge Grainger, In a Nutshell Suite, No.2 ‘Gay but wistful’, for orchestra, piano and Deagan percussion instruments. Grainger Museum Collection SLI MG3/39-2:2

How it plays: innovations in percussion is a collaborative exhibition and performance project including Grainger Museum, Federation Handbells (Museums Victoria/Creative Victoria), Speak Percussion, Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, & Melbourne School of Design.

This exhibition will explore radical innovations in percussion, focussed on Melbourne, that have changed the way we can all hear, and play, music, ranging from Percy Grainger’s ‘tuneful percussion’ in the early twentieth century, to the present, with the Federation Handbells, and the trailblazing organisation Speak Percussion.

How it plays will be open and on display at the Grainger Museum in early May 2019. Stay tuned as more information is released in the coming weeks.