Grainger Museum Composer in Residence

We are pleased to introduce our Grainger Museum Composer in Residence, Kate Tempany, who will be engaging with the forthcoming exhibition, How it plays: Innovations in percussion.

Kate Tempany is a composer, tabla player and community artist. Her work combines a passionate interest in the environment with a vibrant multiculturalism drawing on Hindustani, West African and Indian folk compositional idioms. “The How it Plays project at the Grainger Museum is a very exciting chance for me to compose in a participatory setting open to the public,” says Kate. “I am working on open ended pieces which everyone is welcome to explore, whether by following a graphic score or reading conventional notation.”

“Currently I am very interested in the use of tuned and untuned metal percussion as a point of crossover between harmonically based Western compositional thought, and the timbral, rhythmic and intensely melodic conception of Hindustani classical music. Bells have played a central role in human life for thousands of years; the Federation Bells are an exceptionally resonant instrument both acoustically and culturally. As I compose for a specific physical space within the Grainger Museum, simultaneously I’m learning about how my own musical preoccupations fit within the broader context of landscape and cultural identity in Australian music history.”

Thanks to Kate for sharing this insight into her practice and residency.