Grainger Museum Archive Project

Do you use the Grainger Museum Archive for your research?

An exciting project is underway to re-arrange and describe the Grainger Museum Archive which will increase discoverability and usability.

Currently, the Grainger Museum Archive is only partially described in the catalogues and database available via the Museum’s Research page which can make it difficult for clients and staff to identify material relevant to their research.  The creation of new series and folder level descriptions will deliver more comprehensive information about material held in the Archive and make it easier for you to identify which series, folders or single items will be relevant to your personal, public or academic research.

The project began with the Archive’s correspondence series and so far, data has been captured for thousands of new entries to be added to the Grainger Museum Database. The project has also provided a unique opportunity for Grainger Museum staff to deepen their understanding of Percy Grainger and his archival collection. We look forward to sharing this information with you in the future.

Columbia records magazine with Grainger on the cover

View photos of the project and keep up to date with its progress on the Grainger Museum Instagram.

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