Current Transmissions

The penultimate in our Sythesizers Public Program series, 'Current Transmissions: 50 Synthesizer Greats' performance at the Grainger Museum on Thursday 23 August, 2018 was a very special experience for all.

The Synthesizers gallery space filled with an enthusiastic audience, whilst OK EG perform their set

The Grainger Museum front doors were opened to a patiently waiting audience at 6:40 PM on Thursday 23 August. The crowd had come to see performances by dynamic duo OK EG, and the famed David Chesworth. Whilst the final electronic connections were being made in preparation for the performances, Grainger curator Dr. Heather Gaunt shared the story of the Synthesizer exhibition to the milling audience.

Lauren Squire and Matthew Wilson of OK EG performing their set within the Synthesizers exhibition space

Lauren Squire and Matthew Wilson of OK EG started off the night with their ambient and experimental compositions, their live techno tones emanating throughout the gallery spaces. David Chesworth followed their set with two of his own, working from his seminal work '50 Synthesizer Greats'.

David Chesworth preparing for his performance

The gallery space made for a unique performance, with the audience mere arms length away from the artists. With the space cast in darkness, and only the electronic pulsating light of David's 2017 video composition projected on the wall to provide any radiance, the overall experience of the performances were of intimacy and a kind of reverence.

For those who were not able to make it on the night or for those who wish to relive the fantastic evening a snapshot of the performances is now live on the Grainger Museum Instagram. Log in to view the highlighted "Stories" and whilst you're there why not click Follow.

Many thanks to all who contributed to this event. To Lauren Squire and Matthew Wilson of OK EG and David Chesworth for their performances. To Nite Art and Liquid Architecture for their collaborative efforts, to make this event happen. To both Nite Art and Grainger Museum volunteers who assisted on the night, and finally, to the audience who came to witness this special event.

Synthesizers: Sound of the Future exhibition closes on 9 September, 2018.

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