Grainger Museum Composer in Residence 2018

Current Faculty of Fine Arts and Music postgraduate student, Lewis Ingham, has been appointed as the Grainger Museum Composer in Residence for 2018. This year’s Composer Residency focusses on the creation of a soundscape for the forthcoming Grainger Museum exhibition Objects of Fame: Nellie Melba and Percy Grainger.

Lewis’s soundscape will form the audio environment that visitors experience as they explore the exhibition.  In creating the soundscape, Lewis will be responding directly to the theme of the exhibition, and will draw on sonic and material sources of inspiration including original recordings of Melba and Grainger, and elements of the rich material culture that surrounded these two famous musicians. Lewis will be working in the Grainger Museum during the creation of the soundscape over the next months, and visitors can take the opportunity to talk to the him about his work and compositional process.

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