Composer in Residence

The Grainger Museum has begun a program to connect with, and support, post-graduate music composition at the University of Melbourne. From May the Museum is excited to welcome PhD student Alice Humphries as our new ‘Composer in Residence’.

Alice is an Australian-based composer and arranger working across the jazz and contemporary classical worlds. Alice will have access to the seminar room and piano to study and compose, and will potentially engage with the Museum in her practice through composition or performance related to both the physical Museum spaces and the exhibitions.  With the doors of the seminar room open to the Museum as she works, Alice will be able to share her music and ideas with Museum visitors as they pass through.  Her music has been described as “bursting with life and fun, as well as great great beauty…” and “deeply thought provoking…offering both moments of incredible intensity and sublime serenity.” Alice’s research centres around the effect that placing constraints on available creative materials has on the creative process and the artistic outcome. Her PhD project will be made up of a body of acoustic and electro-acoustic compositions that utilise constraint as a key part of the music composition process. Further information about Alice and her practice can be found at

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