Animators at the Grainger

Artwork of Hill Song display by Briellen Ramsay
Hill Song: Briellen Ramsay

Bachelor of Fine Arts Animation students channeled Percy Grainger's creative spirit in visits to the Grainger Museum for drawing exercises, led by Lecturer Susan Stamp.  Students in the Animation degree undertake research, idea development, screenwriting, storyboarding, character design and expression, utilising many different physical environments and practicing a variety of technical skills.

The Grainger Museum welcomed the Animation students over a number of visits, and the work they produced on site opened up some striking new perspectives on the museum objects, displays, and architecture. Featured examples of drawings are by Animation students Briellen Ramsay (Hillsong) and Willem Kingma (Private Matters). Further examples of student's creative responses to the Grainger by clicking below.

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Artwork responding to Private Matters by Willem Kingma
Private Matters: Willem Kingma