Sociology of the Grainger Museum

Amy Vanderharst, Sociology of Culture class tutor, writes about her students’ engagement with the Grainger Museum in Semester 2:

Sociology of Culture students in class at the Grainger Museum
It was ‘fashion week’ in the 2nd year subject, Sociology of Culture, when we were lucky enough to be welcomed into the Grainger Museum to explore in greater depth the connections between culture and fashion. The vastness and diversity of fashion objects to discover at the Museum offers a unique snapshot into the historical era; however it is the rich stories behind each of the items that really bring them and Percy’s character to life, and that captures the imaginations of the students. Further, the experience of being up close with the wonderfully weird costumes of Grainger made real the more abstract sociological theories of fashion to students, and proved a useful, accessible focus for our discussions. Inspired and intrigued by the extraordinary collection at the Grainger Museum, students left class with the wish to learn more about the fascinating Percy Grainger and his mark on Australian history.
“It was interesting to get to know the real kooky character of Percy Grainger. Physically seeing and touching his clothes, you feel like you get to know him a little better than just looking at pictures. Also, I find I can actually grasp the theories in class much easier, and much more practically, as his clothes are literally right there in front of you. I’ll have to come back to discover more.” Andie Moore, Sociology of Culture student
A lock of Ella Grainger's hair held in the Grainger Museum collection showing detail of handwritten tag. Just one example of the fascinating objects Sociology of Culture students had an opportunity to engage with during their time at the Museum.